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Services Provided

  • Maintenance, cleaning and oiling movements

  • Replacements of broken parts (broken glass, pins, movement parts, stems, crowns etc)

  • Refurnishing gold and stainless steel cases or bracelets for brand new look

  • Battery replacement

  • Leather bands and bracelets replacement

  • Pressurizing waterproof timepieces

Watch Gear

Servicing Procedure

  • Every Watch coming for servicing is disassembled

  • Our technicians would examine the watch for damage and wear

  • Parts that cannot be repaired are replaced with factory originals.

  • ORIGINAL PARTS are used to protect the value of the watch.

  • The parts are then cleaned using ultrasonic bath and special non-toxic cleansers.

  • The watch is then lubricated while being re-assembled.

  • The bracelet and case of the watch are refurnished if possible.

  • The assembled watch is then tested for operating efficiency and time accuracy.

  • Water resistant is then tested subject to the type of the watch.


Watch Care

Vintage watches have survived for many decades by being treated well. Taking care of a watch would require cleaning inside and out on a regular period of about two to three years. Dirt will wear the parts of the watches much faster and gummy oil will restrict it, and prevent it from running altogether. After the watch has been cleaned, it should be stored in a cool and dry place.

A watch is a delicate instrument but if it is given proper care, will provide many years of quality service and a quality heirloom to pass to another generation.



This warranty applies only to the complete overhaul of watches. It covers the proper mechanical operation and functions of the repaired watches for 6 (SIX) months, including reasonable good time keeping.

• Warranty does not cover damages caused by abuse or negligence.

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